Schulz Electric & Construction
A License and Insured Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractor located in Quitman, TX. serving Wood County, and the surrounding areas.

About Us

         Schulz Electric & Construction was established in October of 2010 by me, Craig Schulz, as a means to provide quality residential and commercial electrical service and installations in the Wood County area, i.e. put beans on the table.

          I moved to Wood County in 1988 with my family. My father, Gordon Schulz has owned “Christian Handyman Services” in Quitman since around 1990 and is currently still in business. I operated a lawn and tree service during my years at Quitman High School, shortly after I graduated in 1998, I worked in power-line construction for 6 years as an equipment operator and lineman.

          I married my lovely wife, Jill in August of 2005. Shortly after the honeymoon, I contracted tree service during the cleanup of hurricane Katrina, and then went to Frontier School of the Bible in Lagrange, WY from August of 2006 until I graduated with an Associates Degree in General Bible in May of 2009. During my time at Frontier I worked for an electrical contractor in the office, working service, rewires, and new installations of residential, commercial, and some industrial electrical work along with electrical schooling based on the current National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).

          Maryann came in June of 2009 and in 2010 we moved back to Quitman and started Schulz Electric & Construction to do what I like best, get the power from your pole to your plugs in a safe and economical way.

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